About me

Some folks (especially those that work with me professionally with code) know me as Łukasz, I use "dreat" on the web. I'm a:

  • Software monk with 7+ years of experience (formerly .Net, currently Elixir)
  • Drummer. I've been playing for a long time and my experience is mostly with local garage bands. Slowly growing into bigger ponds.
  • Music producer. Mostly Dark Ambient but I can (and sometimes do) other genres as well. Most experience with Ableton, but learning more hardware oriented setup now
  • Beginner rollerskater
  • Conference speaker (Open Source Summit 2019, NTPM 2020, ABE 2021 as for now)
  • One of the driving forces behind HS3city and 3city Elixir User Group
  • mediocre Norwegian speaker and beginner Korean speaker
  • Huge nerd

Feel free to contact me @

  • EMail: contact@dreat.info
  • Twitter: @dreat_
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram: @dreat_nihil
  • You can always drop by for a chat on my whereby room (be sure to notify me earlier)