This stuff keeps me busy

Software projects

Fulltime jobs

I worked mainly with backend (thou I thouched early React and Angular 4 at some point), 5 years with C#, 2 years and counting with Elixir. Along the way I wrote integration systems, backends for web interfaces, rewrote a legacy project or two (that's surprisingly fun!). Now I'm also running my own team, building a project I'm responsible of.


I did a frontend for a recycling kiosk. You can put waste there and get points to exchange for points to use across the city. I did it using Elm 0.13 and it's still running in production without hiccups. CSS was a big pain thou.

yet unnamed tower defense (wip)

Big work in progress, just at the start of the project. I'm using GameMakerStudio 2 to build a 2D Tower Defence game. More as it develops.

contract brigde (wip)

I kinda forgot about this project and recently recalled I did that. There's some code (Elixir + Phoenix LiveView) but I need to rewrite a lot of stuff after some thinking. When I'm done with above project I will resurrect this and link to the repo

Music projects


I currently play drums with two local bands: Revan and Lucha Beaver. We're working on EP with Lucha Beaver.

I composed and recorded drums for an album that has Steve Hackett as a guest musician! . Second one is being composed and I'm invited again, so expect more soon.

Music production

Mostly unreleased stuff, there is some on my soundcloud page - a bit of dark ambient + some music challenges. I changed my workflow and I'm working on solo dark ambient album now. Current setup: guitar, microkorg xl, midi controllers, mixer, audio interface, Ableton live, contact mic.

SonicPi workshops

I did a SonicPi workshops for IKM GdaƄsk and Starter. This was aimed for total beginners to start making music with code.

Music for Metabow (wip)

I'm making music for Metabow, a VR Game. There's already a build with some music by me, there's a need for some battle music as well.

Gamejam music

I made a music for a Spacelinks, game made for GMTK Gamejam 2021. I had 48hrs to work on this. While our idea for final piece was much more ambitious (and music was made), folks who made the game didn't have time to properly implement complex layering system. What's in the game is cool as well, it's just the idea that sparked during last 8 hours of work. I'm really glad how it went. Definitely will work with guys in the future, it was a blast.

Music for astrophotography themed YouTube channel (wip)

Still wip, sent demo to client. Intro music + music in background for talking.